Etoile de Mer

A dive under Monmorency Fall (height: 259 ft), water depth 65 ft. December, 1961. The divers were Michel Côte, Roger Boissy and Michael Gaisson. Côte was using a brown Scuba-Totes dry suit, International Divers bellows snorkel and face mask, Cressi Rondine fins, and Aqua Lung regulator, tank and pack. Boissy had a Heinke 2-piece dry suit, Heinke Merlin MV regulator, International Divers steel cylinder with J-valve, and Canada rack. Gaisson also used a Totes dry suit, International Divers steel cylinder and Canada Pac with 1/8 inch B.F. Goodrich yellow gloves.

One of the earliest dive clubs in the province of Quebec, ‘Etoile de Mer’ (English: ‘Starfish’) was founded in 1958. Roger Boissy was one of the early members. He recalls, “At that time there was no diving store in Quebec City that sold scuba gear, but there was the commercial firm of Date Diving Equipment in Montreal. We had to travel to Montreal to buy gear and there wasn’t much of a selection: International Divers, Aqua Lung, and Heinke from London.”

These are photographic records of some of the club’s early dives.